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Figure 6 | Scoliosis

Figure 6

From: Effectiveness of complete conservative treatment for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (bracing and exercises) based on SOSORT management criteria: results according to the SRS criteria for bracing studies - SOSORT Award 2009 Winner

Figure 6

ISICO outcomes. The ISICO outcomes [7] are a representation of the evidence-based clinical practice approach used in this paper. According to individual needs, based on the starting x-rays, a radiographic desired optimal result is defined (Table 2); according to this starting criterion and to what is gradually obtained, based on compliance and curvature resistance to treatment, a minimal criterion can be considered. In these graphs the sub-group analysis are reported. It is easier to obtain optimal results in thoraco-lumbar and lumbar curvatures, in scoliosis up to 35 degrees, and in the youngest patients.

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