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Table 2 The ISICO outcomes [7]

From: Effectiveness of complete conservative treatment for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (bracing and exercises) based on SOSORT management criteria: results according to the SRS criteria for bracing studies - SOSORT Award 2009 Winner

  Minimal Optimal Absolute
25-29° <30° <25° Avoiding surgery
30-40° stable <30°  
  1. The ISICO outcomes are established during treatment for each single patient according to the starting curvature. The absolute aim is for all patients to avoid surgery, but we also have the goal of obtaining an optimal result as stated in the table. When difficulties arise, and compliance decreases, or the curvature offers higher resistance to treatment, a minimal outcome is in any case anticipated. Thus the table indicate only the criteria regarding the ranges of curvature considered in this paper.