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Table 3 The neurological findings and the associated abnormalities in patients with neurological deficits.

From: Tonsillar ectopia in idiopathic scoliosis: does it play a role in the pathogenesis and prognosis or is it only an incidental finding?

PSN Neuological findings Ectopia Pain Rapid progression Atypical scoliosis
26 ASAR Yes* No Yes No
33 ASAR and hyperactive patellar and Achilles reflexes Yes No No No
35 ASAR Yes No Yes No
36 ASAR and hyperactive patellar reflexes Yes No No No
64 Sensory loss lower limbs and headache Yes* No No No
79 ASAR Yes No No No
20 ASAR No No No No
21 ASAR No No No No
48 Bilateral clonus: Achilles reflexes No No No No
67 ASAR No No Yes No
69 Clonus: Patellar and Achilles reflexes No No No No
  1. PSN indicates patient study number
  2. ASAR indicates asymmetrical superficial abdominal reflexes
  3. * Patients who showed regression of their neurological deficit following the surgical correction of scoliosis.