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Table 1 Outline of exercises and treatments, 1964-2005

From: Reversal of childhood idiopathic scoliosis in an adult, without surgery: a case report and literature review

Year Exercises and Treatments
1964-1974: Prescribed calisthenics, stretching, walking (≥ 30 minutes daily)
1974-1991: Calisthenics, stretching, plus aerobics (biking, jogging) (60 min daily)
1991: Deep tissue massage therapy (monthly 60-minute sessions, June-December)
1992-2001: Daily home mobilization exercises (no strengthening or aerobic exercise)
  Outpatient psychological therapy (1992, 1993)
  Deep tissue massage therapy (fourteen 60-minute sessions)
  CMM (four sessions in 1994-1995; seven sessions in 1999-2000)
2001-2005: Daily mobilization, strengthening, and aerobic exercise (40-50 min daily)
  Incentive spirometry (5 reps daily)