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Table 1 Scoliosis surface parameters after 6th SOSORT consensus paper

From: A review of the trunk surface metrics used as Scoliosis and other deformities evaluation indices

No. Conclusion Item Agreement
1 Position/view of the patient for surface topography measurement [table eighteen] Position: standing upright 100%
   View: Back 100%
2 Anatomic surface landmarks to be taken into consideration systematically [table nineteen] Spinous processes 100%
   Posterior iliac spines 100%
   Shoulders 100%
   Scapulae 88.9%
3 Surface parameters recommended for systematic use [table twenty]
3.1 Body axis definition Analogous to radiological VCSL 100%
3.2 Frontal plane analysis Curve angle 75%
   Shoulders 66.7%
   Scapulae 66.7%
3.3 Sagittal plane analysis Relation of C7 to S1 100%
   Cervical lordosis 100%
   Thoracic kyphosis 100%
   Lumbar lordosis 100%
3.4 Transverse plane analysis Trunk rotation main curve 100%
   Trunk rotation Compensatory curves 100%
3.5 Pelvis PSIS height 100%
4 Further Conclusions Scoliometer ATR measure for transverse plane deformity 95%
   Cobb angle measurement as radiological parameter 100%