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Table 1 The mean values, standard deviation and median values (given in degrees) for the measurements of vertebral rotation according to different methods and in different body position.

From: Measurement of vertebral rotation in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis with low-dose CT in prone position - method description and reliability analysis

Vertebral rotation Mean SD Median
Standing position    
Radiographs, Perdriolle 25.7 9.8 26
Recumbent, prone position    
CT Scanogram, Perdriolle 21.9 8.3 21.5
Axial CT images, corrected to pelvis tilt, Aaro and Dahlborn 17.4 7.1 16.6
Axial CT images, not corrected to pelvis tilt, Aaro and Dahlborn 16.9 5.8 17.4
Recumbent, supine position    
MRI supine, Aaro and Dahlborn 16.1 6.5 15.1
  1. The presented values are obtained from the two occasions of evaluation. The mean value for the pelvic tilt was 2.4° ± 2° (range 0.7°-8.2°).