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Table 4 Problems due to the brace

From: Team care to cure adolescents with braces (avoiding low quality of life, pain and bad compliance): a case–control retrospective study. 2011 SOSORT Award winner

Pain 7.7% 58.3% <0.05
Respiration problems 46.2% 33.3% NS
Problems with friends 7.7% 8.3% NS
Problems with clothes 23.1% 41.7% NS
Problems toileting 7.7% 16.7% NS
No problem at all 15.4% 8.3% NS
  1. TEAM: patients treated by a complete team respecting the SOSORT criteria (score: excellent); NOT: Patients treated in a team not respecting the SOSORT criteria (score: insufficient). (NS: Not Significant).
  2. The prevalence of pain was the only difference between the two populations categorized according to the main risk factor.