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Table 3 Classifications of idiopathic scoliosis.

From: 2011 SOSORT guidelines: Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation treatment of idiopathic scoliosis during growth

Chronological Angular Topographic
Age at diagnosis (years.months) Cobb degrees   Apex
       from to
Infantile 0-2.11 Low Low 5-15 Cervical - Disc C6-7
Juvenile 3-9.11   Low to moderate 16-24 Cervico-thoracic C7 T1
Adolescent 10-17.11 Moderate Moderate 25-34 Thoracic Disc T1-2 Disc T11-12
Adult 18-   Moderate to severe 35-44 Thoraco-lumbar T12 L1
   Severe   45-59 Lumbar Disc L1-2 -
   Very severe   60 or more