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Table 1

From: Two year post-menarche rule for bracing: myth or reality?

Study Design Inclusion criteria Population Outcome
1 Cross-sectional All FISP with an x-ray at 2YPM 1102 patients
Age 13.0±1.8
29.4±12.4° Cobb
European Risser staging
2 Prospective All FISP followed-up from Menarche to end of growth (Risser 5 or twice Risser 4 in 12 months) 263 patients
Age 13.1±1.1
35.2±11.1° Cobb
Height growth
3 Prospective All FISP with at least two x-rays after 2YPM 902 patients with 2110 x-rays
Age 15.0±1.1
31.8±12.4° Cobb
4 Prospective All FISP braced after Menarche followed-up to the end of growth 230 patients
Age 13.6±1.7
34.1±10.3° Cobb
Results of bracing
  1. Classical parametric statistics have been used.