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Table 2 Multi-linear regression results using SPSS: where the dependent variable was Supine to Standing Cobb change

From: Supine to standing Cobb angle change in idiopathic scoliosis: the effect of endplate pre-selection

Model Unstandardized coefficients Significance  
B Std. Error
(Intercept/Constant) -29.039 8.027 .001  
Standing Cobb from X-ray (°) .408 .084 .000 Independent variables
Age (years) .686 .301 .027
Fulcrum flexibility (%) .053 .044 .001
  1. Note: Unstandardized coefficients refer to the change in predicted Y for one unit change in X. B coefficients are the values for the regression equation for predicting the dependent variable from the independent variable. Std. Error is the standard error associated with the coefficients.