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Figure 4 | Scoliosis

Figure 4

From: Brace modifications that can result in improved curve correction in idiopathic scoliosis

Figure 4

a)TLSO-type brace with low pads that cause poor correction, b)a hypothetical situation of 3cm growth of the spine, therefore the brace now causes curve progression. a: The patient after one month in her new TLSO type brace with common pad placements levels. b: This is a hypothetical situation that was created by altering the figure to demonstrate what could occur if the patient had a 3 cm growth of the spine (which could happen in a few weeks). The thoracic (C) and axilla (A) pads are low, which causes the scoliosis to go into progression (B), resulting in a poor outcome. The progression is caused by the counterforce of the left axilla extension (A) being too low and therefore directed towards the concave center of the curve, producing a buckling effect (B). The low thoracic pad (C) now blocks the lumbar correction (D).

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