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Table 4 Differential percentage between group A (ARTbrace) and Group B (old Lyon brace) at T1 (in-brace), T2 (6 months), T3 (1 year)

From: The new Lyon ARTbrace versus the historical Lyon brace: a prospective case series of 148 consecutive scoliosis with short time results after 1 year compared with a historical retrospective case series of 100 consecutive scoliosis; SOSORT award 2015 winner

Differential Percentage (%A-%B)/%B at T1 (%A-%B)/%B at T2 (%A-%B)/%B at T3
Differential Tho (n = 184) 0.37 0.417 0.715
Differential Lumb (n = 146) 0.301 0.672 0.317