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Table 1 Data sets used in different tests for reliability, with “O”, “S”, “R”, and “M” represent “Operator”, “Scan”, Rater”, and “Measurement”, respectively (Fig. 6). Each set of result is represented as “O*S*R*M*”. For example, “O1S2R2M2” represents the result obtained from the second measurement of Rater 2 for the image obtained during second scanning of the Operator 1

From: A reliability and validity study for Scolioscan: a radiation-free scoliosis assessment system using 3D ultrasound imaging

Reliability Test Exam Result Table Remarks
Intra-rater O*S1R*M1, O*S1R*M2 Table 1 Tests between the two measurements by each rater (R*) using the first scan of each operator (O*), and for each region (thoracic and lumbar)
Intra-operator O*S1R*M1, O*S2R*M1 Table 2 Tests between the two scans obtained by each operator (O*), using the first measurements of each other three raters (R*), and for each region
Inter-rater O*S1R1M1, O*S1R2M1, O*S1R3M1 Table 3 Tests among the first measurements of the three raters using the first scan of each operator (O*), and for each region.
Inter-operator O1S1R*M1, O2S1R*M1 Table 4 Tests between the two operators using the first scan, with the first measurement of each of three raters, and for each region