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Table 4 Number of patients reporting minimal disability (ODI score 0–22) versus severe disability (ODI score 40–100) after 10-year follow-up, stratified according to management

From: Functional outcome of non-surgical and surgical management for de novo degenerative lumbar scoliosis: a mean follow-up of 10 years

ODI total score Non-surgical (14) Surgical (15) p value
score 0–22 6 (43%) 3 (20%) 0.245
score 40–100 7 (50%) 6 (40%) 0.715
  1. ODI indicates Oswestry Disability Index; the range is 0–100, with higher numbers reflecting greater disability. ODI total score between 0 and 22 reflects minimal disability hence a “satisfactory symptom state” and an ODI total score 40–100 severe disability. Percentages are calculated from the total number of non-surgical (n = 14) and surgical (n = 15) patients. p values were calculated using Fisher’s Exact Test