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Table 15 Recommendation on sports activities

From: 2016 SOSORT guidelines: orthopaedic and rehabilitation treatment of idiopathic scoliosis during growth

Recommendation Strength Evidence References
1. It is recommended that sports is not prescribed as a treatment for idiopathic scoliosis C III [355, 359,360,361,362, 364,365,366, 453]
2. It is recommended that general sports activities are performed because of the specific benefits they offer to patients in terms of psychological, neuromotor and general organic well-being B V  
3. It is recommended that, during all treatment phases, physical education at school is continued. Based on the severity of the curve and progression of the deformity and the opinion of a clinician specialized in conservative treatment of spinal deformities, restrictions may be placed on practicing certain types of sports activities B V  
4. It is recommended that sports activities are continued also during brace treatment because of the physical (aerobic capacity) and psychological benefits these activities provide B V [352]
5. It is recommended that, during brace treatment, contact or highly dynamic sport activities are performed with caution C VI  
6. It is recommended that competitive activities that greatly mobilize the spine are avoided in patients with scoliosis at high risk of progression C III [334,335,336,337,338, 355, 365, 367, 414, 453]