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Table 3 The posturography methodological quality checklist

From: Does postural stability differ between adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis and typically developed? A systematic literature review and meta-analysis

Item Description Scoring
Internal validity
1 Indicates reliability of outcome measures A positive point was assigned if a minimum sampling duration of 90 s and/or 3–5 reps was used
2 Clear presentation of balance assessment A positive point was assigned if replication of the experiment is possible based on the information in the article
3 Correction for confounding effect on dependent variables Positive points were assigned if confounders were taken into account, or appropriate matching on these variables was performed
3a Study controls for age
3b Study controls for gender
3c Study controls for height
3d Study controls for body mass
Statistical validity
4 The use of appropriate statistical tests A positive point was assigned if appropriate tests were used to assess differences in balance
5 Adequate sample size A positive point was assigned if a minimum of 20 subjects per group were included
External validity
6 Sufficient information about the subject’s characteristics Positive if information was provided about
6a Adequate information regarding age
6b Adequate information regarding gender
6c Adequate information regarding height
6d Adequate information regarding body mass
6e Adequate information regarding severity of curve (Cobb angle)