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Archived Comments for: The transformation of spinal curvature into spinal deformity: pathological processes and implications for treatment

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  1. Thank you and a request

    cindy marti, Spinal Dynamics of Wisconsin

    12 May 2006


    Related to this article, I must take the opportunity to thank you for your excellent book "Scoliosis and the Human Spine". It was pivotal and inspirational to me in deciding to pursue Schroth training under Dr. Manuel Rigo last year. We are now practicing at our facililty with Schroth and are fully committed to learning more and growing our program - all in the spirit of your article on the hope of changing the asymmetrical forces on the spine.

    I would like to please draw your attention to the ADVANCE PT publication that went out to APTA members last week. There is an article featuring Schroth in Wisconsin.

    Joe, I am hopeful that you will be following up on your previously stated plans to publish on Schroth in an upcoming NSF newletter. I would be happy to contribute in anyway I can.

    Cindy Marti, PT

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