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Treatment of psychological disturbances in scoliosis patients treated with a brace


In spite of a positive attitude towards brace treatment, some scoliosis patients have psychological stress during the initial bracing phase. Even when the curve correction is good, the patient may have a bad clinical outcome because of the psychological stress they have undergone. This situation may result in the psychosomatic illness.


To study psychological disturbances in patients with scoliosis during their brace treatment.

Materials and methods

We studied the clinical outcomes in 380 consecutive scoliosis patients (age range 10 to 18 years old) treated using a Cheneau brace. Psychological, psychosomatic and psycho-physiological symptoms were analyzed. Psychological therapy included cognitive and expositional therapy, art-therapy and group therapy. The psychological assessment was performed using a questionnaire before and after brace treatment.


Psychological symptoms were found in 79.3% of patients; psychosomatic symptoms were found in 34.1% of patients; and 45.5% of patients had psycho-physiological symptoms. Psychological therapy reduced these symptoms in 73.5% patients.


Psychological and emotional disturbances may impact the clinical outcome in patients with scoliosis treated with a corrective brace. Appropriate treatment of these symptoms allows the symptoms to be reduced, and improves the quality of life and the treatment outcomes.

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