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Table 1 Shows the proportion of disc cells positive for MMP 1 among the three groups and the mean score of each group.

From: Expression of matrix metalloproteinase-1 (MMP-1) in Wistar rat's intervertebral disc after experimentally induced scoliotic deformity

  Group I Group II Group II p value
Proportion of MMP 1 positive disc cells 20% 43% 75%  
Score 1,2 2,5 3 <0,001
  1. The score, which was used for statistical analysis, was determined by calculating the number of positive disc cells over a minimum of 10 random high power fields of view using the Χ20 objective. 0: no immunopositive cells; 1: 1-10 positive cells; 2: 11-20 positive cells and 3: >20 positive cells.