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Figure 3

From: Brace modifications that can result in improved curve correction in idiopathic scoliosis

Figure 3

TLSO-type brace with low axilla, thoracic and lumbar pads. a: Patient (Nov 2013) in a TLSO-type brace which the patient reported to be a more or less comfortably fitting brace. b and c: In-brace X-ray of patient in TLSO type brace at one month presented right thoracic curve with the apex at T8 and left lumbar curve with the apex at L2. The thoracic pad was located at T10 to L1 and the lumbar pad was at L1 to L5 which could be considered theoretically correct. However in practical terms, these were too low when considering that only 2 cm to 3 cm of growth would cause these curves to go into progression. The in-brace X-ray presents a reduction of the curves from pre-brace of 22 degrees Cobb to in-brace 16 degrees Cobb and lumbar pre-brace of 27 degrees Cobb to in- brace of 22 degrees Cobb. The author fabricated a Cheneau-Rigo handmade type brace which had in brace correction from pre-brace thoracic 22 degrees Cobb to thoracic 3 degrees Cobb and pre-brace lumbar 27 degrees Cobb to 19 degrees in-brace Cobb.

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