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Fig. 46 | Scoliosis and Spinal Disorders

Fig. 46

From: Physiotherapy scoliosis-specific exercises – a comprehensive review of seven major schools

Fig. 46

(a, b, c, d): The BSPTS system of scoliosis curve classification illustrated with photographs and body block diagrams. The four scoliosis curve types in this classification system are 3C (a), 4C (b), N3N4 (c), and single lumbar or thoracolumbar (d). The 3C curve is a major thoracic scoliosis curve with a compensatory lumbar and pelvic shift (a). The 4C curve is a major lumbar scoliosis curve with a thoracic and lumbar shift (b). The N3N4 curve is a major thoracic scoliosis with or without a lumbar curve but with the pelvis in a neutral position (c). The single lumbar or thoracolumbar curve is a single curve scoliosis with an uncoupled pelvic shift and no thoracic curvature (d)

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