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Table 1 The inter- and intra-vertebral rotation changes for all 32 patients, between 6 and 24 months post-surgery by vertebral level. Statistically significant (>95% limit of intra-observer agreement) changes in inter- and intra-vertebral rotation between 6 and 24 months after surgery are coloured yellow. The blue squares outlined in bold represent the instrumented spinal levels (be they inter- or intra-vertebral levels), and grey squares are the un-instrumented levels caudal or cephalad to the instrumented fusion construct. When examined with respect to the apical vertebra location (level marked with bold borders for each patient), positive values below the apex and negative values above the apex both indicate increases in the inter/intra-vertebral rotation between 6 and 24 months post-surgery (i.e. loss of surgical correction)

From: Is vertebral rotation correction maintained after thoracoscopic anterior scoliosis surgery? A low-dose computed tomography study