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Impact of physical self-perception in surgical result of patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis


A possible alteration of the self-image in patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis may influence the surgical result.


Assess the correlation between the decrease in BMI and physical alteration of perception as measured by the Body Shape Questionnarie (BSQ-14) [1] in AIS with the end result perceived by patients after surgery.

Materials and methods

Prospective study 32 patients surgery AIS from 2003 to 2006. 3 males-29 females. Mean age 15.9 years. BMI and Cobb angle was measured before surgery. After we measure Cobb, the physical alteration of perception by BSQ-14, the postoperative satisfaction with a questionnaire of 8 questions and the SRS-22 [2].Patients were grouped according to BMI, BMI <18 (group 1) and> 18 (group 2) and to BSQ-14 >40 (group 1a) and BSQ< 40 (group 2a).


The mean BMI was 19.6 kg /m, 37.5% a BMI <18. Mean preoperative Cobb 64.51° and the average correction rate of 56.57%.

Patients in group 1 showed worse results in the questions refered to the satisfaction of physical appearance after surgery. Group 1 also had poorer results of SRS-22 in self-image, subtotal dimension and the strong tendency in the dimension of satisfaction.

Patients in group 1a showed worse results the questions of satisfaction concerning self-image and overall satisfaction. In the SRS-22 in the dimension pain, self-image,satisfaction dimension, subtotal and total SRS.

We found no correlation between the degree curve correction with any questionnaire.


Patients with a BMI <18 and patients with alteration of physical perception (BSQ> 40) have a worse surgical result.


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