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Effectiveness of the SpineCor treatment for large scoliotic curves compared to moderate and small curves


The purpose of this retrospective cohort study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the Dynamic SpineCor brace for large adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (40°-50°) compared to moderate (30°-40°) and small curves (15°-30°) [1, 2].

Materials and methods

657 consecutive scoliotic patients that accepted the treatment and had a definite outcome were included in this study. We divided the patients in tree groups depending on the initial Cobb angle: 15-29° (n=378), 30-39° (n=207) and 40-50° (n=72).

Assessment of brace effectiveness included; 1) percentage of patients who have 5° or less curve progression and the percentage of patients who have 6° or more progression at skeletal maturity, 2) percentage of patients who have had surgery recommendation before skeletal maturity.


Success of the treatment (stabilisation or correction) was achieved in 80.8% of patients with small curves compared to 62.9% for moderate and 46% for large curves. Progression of curves was observed in 14% of small curves compared with 28.9% for moderate and 48.5% for large curves. Two years follow-up post treatment 24.2% (for small), 17% (moderate) and respectively 16% (large) of patients that finished the treatment still corrected their Cobb angle without wearing the brace.


The SpineCor brace is effective for the treatment of large adolescent idiopathic scoliosis comparing with moderate curves. Moreover, the positive outcome appears to be maintained in the long term.


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