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Early results of Rigo-Chêneau type brace treatment


We have been using Rigo-Chêneau type brace for the treatment of idiopathic scoliosis since 2007 [1, 2]. Curves other than the upper thoracic main curve were the subjects of the treatment. Most patients wore their brace as part-time, at home or at night.


To evaluate early results of Rigo-Chêneau type brace treatment.

Materials and methods

A total of 54 patients, 49 females and 5 males, were included in the analysis. Average age at the beginning of the treatment was 12.5 years (10 to 15). Risser sign was 0 in15, I in 9, II in 15, III in 5 and IV in 10 patients. Curve pattern was thoracic (T) in 25, thoracolumbar or lumbar (TL) in 10 and double (D) in 19 patients.


Average Cobb angle before treatment was 36.5°, which was reduced in the trial brace to 23.2°: correction rate was 36% (34% for T, 69% for TL, and 31% for D curve). Of 54 patients, 20 met the inclusion criteria of the SRS brace study (Risser 0-2, Cobb angle 25-40° ) and six of them reached skeletal maturity during the treatment period. Three of them (50%) progressed more than 6°; however, only one patient progressed more than 10°.


Although early experience suggested better results than the natural history, accumulation of data will be necessary to determine the effectiveness of the treatment with Rigo-Chêneau type brace.


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    Rigo M, Villagrasa M, Gallo D: A specific scoliosis classification correlating with brace treatment: description and reliability. Scoliosis. 2010, 5: 1. 10.1186/1748-7161-5-1.

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