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Short-term effects by using additional methods in DOBOMED preparation phase for AIS double major patients – pilot study


The assessment of physiotherapy various models to the clinical examination results – short-term observation during the stationary intensive rehabilitation.

Materials and methods

Thirty-five girls with AIS double major (mean Cobb’s angle – Th=27o±7,5; L=24o±5,6) were divided for two randomized groups. In group A was applied only standard DoboMed [1].

In-group A-plus was applied triple method (DoboMed + OMT Kaltenborn-Evjenth + Dynamic Brace System –Meditrac). The derotation manual therapy techniques and Meditrac were used in DoboMed preparation phase. Meditrac was used only in the part of lumbar spine once a day during 30 minutes. The stationary intensive rehabilitation for both groups have been continued during 3 weeks.

Before and after observation have been analyzed: the respiratory system function (spirometry-VC, FEV1, PEF), the strength of respiratory muscles (maximal inspiration and expiratory pressures- MIP,MEP), the trunk morphology and function (kyphosis and range of spine motion by V-plurimeter; the trunk rotation angle-ATR by Bunnell’s scoliometer).


MIP and spine flexion values were increased significantly in both groups during therapy. In the group A-plus was observed more significant changes of parameters. Increasing of PEF, kyphosis, spine extension and lateral flexion values and decreasing of ATR were observed.


In the short time were observed functionally and morphology improvement in-group of patients treated by DoboMed with OMT Kaltenborn-Evjenth and Dynamic Brace System –Meditrac. These additional methods have been used successfully in DoboMed preparation phase for AIS double major patients.


  1. Dobosiewicz K, Durmala J, Kotwicki T: Dobosiewicz method physiotherapy for idiopathic scoliosis. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2008, 135: 228-36.

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